GeoBusiness Explorer

View and analyze NetSuite data in a map

GeoBusiness Explorer is a powerful tool that puts your NetSuite data in a map. Quickly access travel time estimates and driving directions–all from within NetSuite. Click on a specific point on the map, or expand the attribute table, to get more information.

Contextualize your NetSuite data with the “Near Me” tool

The “Near Me” tool performs a quick search that will show all of your NetSuite data within a radius of your choosing. Use this information to plan your sales activities.

Prioritize and plan sales activities. Increase revenue.

Shown below, a sales rep traveling through Logan Airport with a short layover is able to pick a customer within the selected radius, and get driving directions to that customer–all in one window. By using GeoBusiness Explorer, the sales rep was able to transcend time constraints and secure a sale that she otherwise may have missed.

NetSuite data can be viewed, sorted, analyzed, and related in detail to the map with a customizable attribute table.

GeoBusiness Explorer Table
If you’d like to view further details about your customers, leads, and prospects: take a look at the attribute table within GeoBusiness Explorer. Use the table to sort your NetSuite data, so you can get the information that you need about your most critical customers.
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