GeoBusiness for Field Service

Optimizing Your Mobile Workforce for NetSuite Asset Management and Field Service Operations

GeoBusiness for NetSuite

GeoBusiness for Field Service enables organizations to manage the complete asset lifecycle from financials to daily operations with a single version of the truth reported in real-time GeoDashboards for managers and executives.

GeoBusiness for Field Service uses the power of location to improve coordination and operational efficiency in field workforce activities. Reduce or even replace reliance on paper. Ensure that both field and office workers use the same authoritative data to reduce errors, boost productivity, and save money.

GeoBusiness for workforce
GeoBusiness for Workforce’s GIS-based mobile workforce management system allows your organization to better Plan, Coordinate, Navigate, Capture, and Monitor.

Step 1: Plan

Leverage the power of location to understand where work needs to be done and how to effectively schedule and dispatch resources.

GeoBusiness Explorer Web App

Use GeoBusiness Explorer web app to efficiently explore your NetSuite data in a map. Investigate the status of assets and other NetSuite data. Augment analysis with additional GIS data such as land records, demographic, etc. to better determine work force activities.

GeoBusiness Explorer
GeoBusiness Explorer allows you to investigate and analyze your NetSuite data in a map. For example, visualize high-priority assets requiring frequent maintenance sorted by the date of their most recent inspection or service.

Step 2: Coordinate

Quickly respond to the unexpected by understanding, in real-time, where resources are available and where they are needed. Easily assign tasks and monitor their statuses.

A Common View

GeoBusiness for Field Service provides a shared view from the field to the back office. It allows the right things to happen: the right worker, at the right place, with the right tools, to do the right job. Using mobile devices to access maps and assignments makes it easy for your field workers to stay organized, report progress, call for assistance, and remain productive.

Automated and Optimized Work Order Assignment

Create and modify work assignments based on your business rules. Automated synchronizations directly from NetSuite FAM maintenance schedules, leasing, and emergency repairs. Managers create, modify, and prioritize work assignments in real-time.

Location matters with your NetSuite data. Know the real-time location of your most valued assets, your mobile workers.
Improve the efficiency of daily schedules with GIS optimized routing of work orders across field crew members. Know the real-time location of your sales and mobile workforce; know where your assets are located in real-time.

Seamlessly integrated with NetSuite

GeoBusiness for Field Service connects field workers with back office managers in real-time. Whether field workers are company employees, contractors, or a mix, GeoBusiness for Field Service allows information to feed directly into NetSuite in real-time from the field.

GeoBusiness Work Force Optimization (WFO) leverages Workforce for ArcGIS. The GeoBusiness Connector for NetSuite automatically creates work force assignments and optimizes navigation and routing for each field worker. In addition, managers can use the web interface for Workforce for ArcGIS to re-prioritize, modify, and assign on-the-fly during operations.

Step 3: Navigate

GeoBusiness for Field Service provides mobile mapping navigation and routing optimization tailored to your NetSuite data driven field operations.

Consistently meet deadlines by using the most efficient routes. Support workforce drivers with guided routing that even considers the type of vehicle being driven and road restrictions along the route. Define travel modes, route on your own roads, and search your assets.

Navigation with GeoBusiness Workforce Optimization (WFO)
Connected and synchronized with NetSuite, work online or offline, on Android, iOS, or Windows.

Step 4: Capture

Boost field productivity with location-enabled mobile apps for data capture and situational awareness.

Mobile apps enable field workers to prioritize assignments, navigate to them via map and directions, collect data, complete business surveys in one workflow, on one mobile device. Work online or offline, on Android, iOS, or Windows.   

Explore Your Geospatial NetSuite Data Everywhere

GeoBusiness Lggo
Maximize your workflow efficiency across all parts of your organization. GeoBusiness seamlessly integrates Esri’s ArcGIS software with your location-based NetSuite data.

Take your maps with you everywhere you go with Explorer for ArcGIS, a mobile app for iOS and Android. Explorer’s markup tools make it simple for you to add notations directly onto your map. Draw shapes or lines to raise visibility. Use text notations to provide additional details. Identify places on your map that need edits or updates. Then, share your marked-up map with members of your organization.

Collect and Update Your NetSuite Mapping Data

Put mapping in the hands of your field workforce to improve the accuracy and currency of your spatial data, and to make more timely and informed decisions. From damage reports and service requests to inventory and inspection of asset data, create and edit accurate data in the field.

Replace Paper Forms

In real-time, push information collected in the field into NetSuite. Replace unreliable paper-based data collection with a trustworthy digital solution that fits the needs of diverse environments. Survey123 for ArcGIS is a simple and intuitive form-centric data gathering solution that makes creating, sharing, and analyzing surveys possible in just three easy steps.

GeoBusiness Survey
Geobusiness for Field Service tailors information collection for your business, such as: health & safety audits, job completion reports, incident reports, asset surveys, damage assessment, and more. Geobusiness can compile countless forms of information for your organization; and it’s all customized for your business workflow.

Step 5: Monitor

Stay on top of field operations by monitoring, tracking, and reporting real-time data feeds to focus on what matters most. Empower stakeholders with easy-to-understand dashboards that support informed decision-making.

Manage and Executive Operations GeoDashboards and GeoKPIs

GeoBusiness for Field Service delivers real-time feedback to the back office for managers and executives through GeoDashboards and GeoKPIs.

See where your personnel are at any time

GeoBusiness ArcGIS Tracker
See where your personnel are at any time. Accurately identify the nearest field personnel to respond to unplanned events. Be assured that field personnel are on task and that you have them dispersed for adequate coverage of the relevant area. Use Tracker for ArcGIS with other focused ArcGIS apps to enable users to see where they have been, be more productive, and create efficiencies in field activities.

GeoBusiness joins NetSuite to ArcGIS with the “ArcGIS Connector for NetSuite”

The ArcGIS Connector for NetSuite
The ArcGIS Connector for NetSuite synchronizes data between your business data and Geographic Information System (GIS).

GeoBusiness for Field Service can be applied to a variety of field workflows supported by your NetSuite implementation, from asset inspections to damage assessments to door to door sales. They will reduce costs, help meet regulatory compliances, and increase customer satisfaction.

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