GeoBusiness for NetSuite Work Order Management

A solution for companies who require seamless real-time workflows between business systems and field service operations

A high level breakdown of the work order management workflow can be explained as follows:

  1. Dispatchers/Admins create, assign, and schedule work orders. Back office personnel can use the GeoBusiness calendar scheduler to visualize/manage work order assignments
  2. Field Crews use ArcGIS mobile Android/iOS devices to execute work orders.
  3. Field crews collect asset information.
  4. Back-office views asset information collected by field crews in ERP.
Connected and synchronized with NetSuite, work online or offline, on Android or iOS.

Dispatcher/Administrator Workflow

From NetSuite, dispatchers or customer service representatives use a drag-and-drop scheduler or multi-vehicle optimized routing method to schedule GeoBusiness Field Cases. Given a set of GeoBusiness Field Case locations, the GeoBusiness routing service will determine which stops should be visited, and in what sequence.

Create, assign, and schedule work orders.

From the back office, personnel can create, modify, and prioritize work assignments in real-time via a drag-and-drop scheduler. Routes to GeoBusiness field cases are automatically optimized for efficiency. However, dispatchers, managers, or customer service reps are enabled to make manual edits to the schedule as needed.

GeoBusiness for NetSuite Calendar Scheduler provides a user friendly drag-and- drop scheduler that dispatchers or customer service representatives can use to schedule assignments for field technicians.

Field Crew Workflow

When the routes are created, assignments are then pushed to technicians’ mobile devices. With Android and iOS-compatible mobile applications, technicians update the status of assignments as they progress through their routes. Work orders include status, due date, priority, assignee, location, and description. Field technicians’ location, assignment status, and any other NetSuite location data such as assets or customers are displayed in real-time to the back office in a map-centric GeoBashboard, and via the GeoBusiness Explorer web application.

GeoBusiness for NetSuite creates assignments in ArcGIS Workforce based on ERP Work Orders or Events.
Field crews use ArcGIS mobile Android/iOS devices to execute Work Orders. Work orders include status, due date, priority, assignee, location, description.

Back Office Workflow

With operational GeoDashboards, dispatchers can monitor the progress of all assignments and technicians are empowered to submit information pertaining to their assignments. This information then becomes visible to the back office in real-time.

GeoBusiness ArcGIS Tracker
See where your personnel are at any time. Accurately identify the nearest field personnel to respond to unplanned events. Be assured that field personnel are on task and that you have them dispersed for adequate coverage of the relevant area. Use Tracker for ArcGIS with other focused ArcGIS apps to enable users to see where they have been, be more productive, and create efficiencies in field activities.
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Location Intelligence for CRM, ERP, and financial business systems.
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