A Business-First Approach to Delivering ArcGIS Mapping Capabilities to Enterprise Systems

Delivering ArcGIS capabilities that support key business requirements, goals, and initiatives helps you improve business outcomes integrated with ERP, Financials, CRM, Ecommerce, & more.

Organizations that spend years on expensive, complex development projects often end up with solutions that are difficult to use or that don’t align with current requirements. To maximize the value of your investments and better support the evolving demands of your business, GCS can work with company stakeholders to identify areas where you can provide the most value in the least time. This business-first approach helps you establish a cadence for rapidly delivering high-impact capabilities and information products that meet business needs.

Capability delivery follows a cadence and terminates when the solution no
longer provides value to the business.


To deliver capabilities that maximize business value and make effective use of development resources:

Collaborate with business stakeholders to define, prioritize, and test new capabilities.

Engaging stakeholders early in the planning process helps you identify the business value a capability will provide, balance value against risk, and set development priorities. You can then apply a configure-first approach, deploying low-effort capabilities first. This delivers value quickly and builds toward long-term success. Once you have a final product, you can invite
stakeholders to test it and offer feedback.

Keep iteration cycles short and focus on supplying incremental business value with each new release.

By focusing on incremental enhancements that provide clear value, you can avoid spending development time on functionality that adds unnecessary complexity. A rapid release cycle should be 30 days or less, with each iteration producing a usable deliverable. To meet this short release schedule, you can keep requirements simple and focused, and leverage COTS
and configurable solutions when possible. With each new release, you can solicit stakeholder feedback to drive the next iteration.

Establish a regular cadence for new iterations until you satisfy all identified business needs, and deprecate solutions that no longer provide value.

This helps you continue iterating on your solutions as long as the business gains new value from each iteration. Once you satisfy your stakeholders’ needs, you can suspend further iterations, then resume them if future business needs require additional enhancements. When a solution no longer provides value, its lifecycle is complete. Deprecating these legacy solutions lets you avoid consuming resources unnecessarily.

GeoBusiness connects ArcGIS with Microsoft Dynamics 365, Oracle NetSuite, and other enterprise systems.

GeoBusiness is an Esri ArcGIS Location Intelligence Platform with real-time mapping, visualization, and geo-analytics. GeoBusiness enables organizations to monitor operations, share data, and create actionable intelligence through Location Intelligence technology.

GeoBusiness is Software as a service (SaaS) offering.

Location Intelligence
Location Intelligence for CRM, ERP, and financial business systems.

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