GeoBusiness for NetSuite

Location Intelligence for NetSuite

GeoBusiness for NetSuite

GeoBusiness for NetSuite is a Location Intelligence Platform supporting sales, service, and marketing teams’ ability to increase revenue and maximize productivity.  GeoBusiness provides a map-based visualization for all NetSuite data.  Grow revenue by seeing which accounts are nearby, prioritize scheduling, maximize selling time with optimal routes, and improve territory planning.

GeoBusiness Product Solutions

Location Intelligence for NetSuite

What can you do with GeoBusiness?

The GeoBusiness Explorer

View and analyze NetSuite data in a map.

Geobusiness Explorer
GeoBusiness Explorer is a powerful tool that allows your organization to identify important sales areas and prioritize sales activities. Quickly access travel time estimates and driving directions–all from within NetSuite. Click on a specific point on the map, or expand the attribute table, to get more information. Use the “Near Me” function to search for nearby NetSuite customers, leads, and prospects within a radius of your choosing and plan your sales activities accordingly.

Learn more about GeoBusiness Explorer and try a LIVE demo.

GeoDashboards for NetSuite

Location Intelligence for NetSuite Dashboards and KPIs.

GeoDashboards takes your most-used NetSuite dashboard configurations and integrates them into a geospatial context. Instantly visualize key geographic areas for your business, and leverage geospatial awareness to improve sales strategies.

As you zoom into the map, the surrounding KPIs filter by the current map extent, displaying only the data that matters the most.

Location Intelligence for NetSuite
GeoDashboards are fully customizable and built for specific NetSuite roles such as (but not limited to) Sales Rep, Sales Manager, and Senior Executive.

Learn more about GeoDashboards for NetSuite

GeoBusiness for Sales Insights

Data you didn’t know existed alongside your NetSuite data leads to meaningful location-driven market insights.

GeoBusiness for Sales Insights web application provides location-based intelligence for planning, site selection, customer segmentation, and analyzing trade areas. Combine NetSuite business data with demographic, lifestyle, spending data and apply map-based analytics to create accurate reports and dynamic presentations.

  • NetSuite-GeoBusiness-Sales-Insights-Create-Search-Area-Step-1
  • NetSuite-GeoBusiness-Sales-Insights-Drive-Time-Demographics
  • netsuite-geobusiness-Sales-Insights-infographic-map-area
  • Sales Insights: Step 2 - Choose GeoEnrichment Infographic
  • netsuite-geobusiness-Sales-Insights-infographic-transportation-to-work
  • netsuite-geobusiness-Sales-Insights-infographic-tapestry-segmentation
  • netsuite-geobusiness-Sales-Insights-infographic-property-details
  • netsuite-geobusiness-Sales-Insights-infographic-portrait-property-flyer
  • Office Market Profile for NetSuite
  • Property Details for NetSuite
  • netsuite-geobusiness-Sales-Insights-infographic-office-market-profile
  • netsuite-geobusiness-Sales-Insights-infographic-nearby-restaurants-key-facts
  • netsuite-geobusiness-Sales-Insights-infographic-nearby-restaurants-1
  • netsuite-geobusiness-Sales-Insights-infographic-marketing-profile-tapest-segments
  • netsuite-geobusiness-Sales-Insights-infographic-marketing-profile
  • Target Marketing Summary for NetSuite
  • netsuite-geobusiness-Sales-Insights-infographic-key-facts
  • netsuite-geobusiness-Sales-Insights-infographic-health-insurance
  • netsuite-geobusiness-Sales-Insights-infographic-health-care-page-2
  • Health Care and Insurance Statistics for NetSuite
  • netsuite-geobusiness-Sales-Insights-infographic-health-care
  • Executive Summary Call-outs Infographics for NetSuite
  • netsuite-geobusiness-Sales-Insights-infographic-employment-overview
  • Employment Overview
  • netsuite-geobusiness-Sales-Insights-infographic-demographic-profile-disposable-income
  • Demographic Profile for NetSuite
  • netsuite-geobusiness-Sales-Insights-infographic-commute-profile
  • Commute Profile for NetSuite
  • netsuite-geobusiness-Sales-Insights-infographic-at-risk-population
  • ales Insights: Step 3 - Create a detailed business PDF report.
  • NetSuite-GeoBusiness-Sales-Insights-Business-PDF-Reports-Demographic
  • netsuite-geobusiness-Sales-Insights-add-map-data-spending-behaviors
  • netsuite-geobusiness-Sales-Insights-add-map-data
  • netsuite-geobusiness-Sales-Insights-add-map-data-unemployed-population

Potential industry use examples:  Franchise Acquisition, Healthcare, Retail, Urban Planning Agency, Restaurants and Hospitality, Economic Development, Transportation and Logistics, Product Merchandising and Advertising, Food and Beverage, Occupational Safety, Higher Education Recruiting , Real Estate Development , Wholesale Distribution.

Learn more about GeoBusiness for Sales Insights.

GeoBusiness for Sales Teams

GeoBusiness for Sales Teams improves daily execution of the Sales Force Automation workflow.  Managers and Sales Reps visually analyze opportunities and history in a map allowing them to identify inefficiencies and improve their daily schedules for on-site visitations.  Sales Rep, Manager, and Executive GeoDashboards are real-time single sources of truth for daily sales force activities.  

NetSuite’s Sales Force Automation (SFA) software powers your sales organization with integrated sales processes from upselling and quote management to sales forecasting, order management, fulfillment, and sales commission.

GeoBusiness for Sales Teams
NetSuite Sales Rep Routing
  • Increase sales team productivity both in the field and office
  • Increase the number of visits in a day
  • Increase face-to-face time with customers and prospects
  • Fill schedule gaps with nearby customers and prospects
  • Prioritize customer or prospect visits
  • See more clients with optimized routes

Learn more about GeoBusiness for Sales Teams.

GeoBusiness for Territory Planning

Improve Daily Sales Force Execution and Visibility

Optimize Sales Territories. Design and realign territories from the ground up based on capacity, account priority, rep assignment, or geography to ensure the right field sales reps are in the right place, at the right time.

GeoBusiness exposes a powerful set of territory design and management tools with Business Analyst for ArcGIS Pro. Design, manage, and balance sales territories with advanced design and management tools

The ArcGIS Connector for NetSuite synchronizes territory data between Business Analyst for ArcGIS Pro and NetSuite.

Learn more about GeoBusiness for Territory Planning.

GeoBusiness for Field Service

Asset and Field Service Operations Management

GeoBusiness for Field Service enables organizations to manage the complete asset lifecycle from financials to daily operations with a single version of the truth reported in real-time GeoDashboards for managers and executives.

GeoBusiness for Field Service uses the power of location to improve coordination and operational efficiency in field workforce activities. Reduce or even replace reliance on paper and spreadsheets. Ensure that both field and office workers use the same authoritative data to reduce errors, boost productivity, and save money.

Fully integrated with NetSuite, GeoBusiness for Field Service provides an easy-to-manage single version for the truth for your daily operations management of your assets and field operations.

Learn more about GeoBusiness for Field Service.

How does GeoBusiness work?

ArcGIS Connector for NetSuite

Marshaling data between business systems, GeoBusiness for NetSuite’s foundation is the ArcGIS Connector. The ArcGIS Connector for NetSuite seamlessly integrates NetSuite with ArcGIS.  Business and spatial data flow between connected systems freely in real-time.

Seamless NetSuite and Geographic Information System (GIS) Integration

By augmenting your NetSuite data with the power of a Geographic Information System (GIS), GeoBusiness for NetSuite brings location-based insights and workflow optimizations to your organization.

GeoBusiness for NetSuite
The ArcGIS Connector for NetSuite synchronizes your business data with Geographic Information Systems (GIS).

Learn more about the ArcGIS Connector for NetSuite.

Leverage Your Existing Esri Investment

Enterprise NetSuite and GIS Integrations

If you have an existing GIS, build on the investment you’ve made in maturing your Enterprise by seamlessly integrating with NetSuite. Unlock the ability to connect spatial locations and attributes of assets and other business data from ArcGIS and NetSuite in real time.

Improve Business Processes and Workflows

Integrating a GIS with NetSuite allows for location rules to be enforced within your business processes. Adding location to business rules allows processes to be validated with spatial logic such as objects, places, or people by or within locations, proximity, and temporal – over time – past and present.

NetSuite SuiteScript and Workflow Integrations

Custom business logic added to existing or new business processes via scripting and workflow enhancements. To implement custom workflows integrated with a GIS and/or other business system, Inject custom logic to respond to NetSuite triggers or events, SuiteScripts can.

Learn more about NetSuite and Esri ArcGIS Enterprise Integrations – Spotlight – ORACLE NetSuite & ESRI ArcGIS.

GeoBusiness connects NetSuite to Esri’s pioneering ArcGIS technology

GeoBusinesss connects NetSuite to Esri’s pioneering ArcGIS technology, the world’s most powerful mapping and analytics software.  Learn more here.

GCS is proud to be an award winning Esri partner
Esri’s ArcGIS mapping and analytics software unleashes potential in every industry. Learn more here.

Esri, the global market leader in geographic information systems (GIS), offers the most powerful mapping and spatial analytics technology available. Since 1969, Esri has helped customers unlock the full potential of data to improve operational and business results. Today, Esri software is deployed in more than 350,000 organizations including the world’s largest cities, most national governments, 75% of the Fortune 500, and more than 7,000 colleges and universities. Esri engineers the most advanced solutions for digital transformation, IoT, and location analytics to create the maps that run the world.

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