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Location Intelligence for NetSuite

GeoBusiness for NetSuite is a Location Intelligence Platform with real-time mapping, visualization, and geo-analytics. Tightly integrated with NetSuite, GeoBusiness enables organizations to monitor operations, share data, and create actionable intelligence through Location Intelligence technology. Organizations looking to coordinate and empower their sales teams can benefit from Sales Team Optimization workflow.

GeoBusiness for NetSuite is a Software as a Service (SaaS) offering.

Companies looking to capture information in the field, integrate with NetSuite, and streamline operations can utilize our Field Service Operations workflow. Both leverage the power of Location Intelligence to increase efficiency.

GeoBusiness for NetSuite is a Location Intelligence Platform.

Sales Team Optimization

GeoBusiness for NetSuite: Sales Team Optimization empowers your sales team by providing them with access to their NetSuite data in a user-friendly map interface. While out in the field, sales reps can easily search for nearby locations to visit. They can filter the map and get directions from one location to the next.

Grow revenue by seeing which accounts are nearby, prioritize scheduling, maximize selling time with optimal routes. With an intuitive representation of customer locations, sales reps can visualize their location relative to target accounts and prospects.
GeoBusiness for Sales Teams →

Field Service Operations

GeoBusiness for NetSuite: Field Service Operations includes workflows for Field Service Management, Field Delivery Management, and Asset Tracking and Analysis. It is geared toward companies who are looking to streamline communication between the back office and the field while reducing inefficiencies, increasing availability and accuracy of crucial information, and eliminating the need for paper-based communication.

Field Service Management

Field Service Management is for companies who require seamless real-time workflows between NetSuite and field service operations. From NetSuite, use a drag-and-drop scheduler or multi-vehicle optimized route method to schedule GeoBusiness Field Cases. Companies design custom data forms for field data collection. From iOS and Android smartphone apps, field data is updated in NetSuite as technicians collect information in real-time.

GeoBusiness for NetSuite - Field Service Operations Management
GeoBusiness for Field Service uses the power of location to improve coordination and operational efficiency in field workforce activities. Reduce or even replace reliance on paper and spreadsheets. Ensure that both field and office workers use the same authoritative data to reduce errors, boost productivity, and save money.
Field Service Management →

Field Delivery Management

Field Delivery Management is a solution for companies who manage their own fleet of drivers and trucks. With complete workflows for dispatchers, drivers, and customer service, Field Delivery Management is an end-to-end solution that will optimize and streamline communication across your entire organization. GeoBusiness empowers your organization with the following benefits:

  • The means to replace unreliable paper-based data collection with a trustworthy digital solution, addressing the needs of personnel in diverse environments
  • Fully integrated end-to-end NetSuite solution for field delivery and maintenance workflows
  • Complete workflow for dispatchers, drivers, and customer service
Dispatchers managing fleets of trucks rely on Field Delivery Management to automate route creation and assignment in the back office.
Field Delivery Management →

Asset Tracking & Analysis

GeoBusiness for NetSuite: Asset Tracking & Analysis is a solution for companies who need to increase operational efficiency throughout asset life cycles. GeoBusiness ATA integrates fully into existing asset management systems and inventory tracking. From the back office to the field, GeoBusiness ATA streamlines communication organization-wide.

With customized modern data collection apps, dispatchers and customer service have new visibility into field activities and into the health of company assets. Back office dispatchers and/or customer service representatives can also schedule technician appointments via a drag-and-drop scheduler.

GeoBusiness for NetSuite: Asset Tracking & Analysis provides visualization of company assets, technician locations, and job status. Data collection is available while technicians are disconnected from the internet.


GeoBusiness also provides data visualization options, including interactive KPI’s through operational GeoDashboards. GeoDashboards are easily customized. They augment NetSuite dashboards by adding an interactive map. Customized GeoDashboards are available for clients utilizing Sales Team Optimization and/or Field Service Operations.

As you zoom into the map, the surrounding KPIs filter by the current map extent and display only the data in the current map. 
Customized GeoDashboards are available for Sales Team Optimization and Field Service Operations customers.
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Your NetSuite Data In a Map

The GeoBusiness Explorer is the core application interface provided with both Sales Team Optimization and Field Service Operations. During implementation, our team customizes the appearance and features for your organization’s GeoBusiness Explorer. It acts as a single source of truth organization-wide, and provides an easy way for those in the back office or the field to explore and interact with NetSuite data.

GeoBusiness Explorer is a location intelligence tool which enables your organization to view and analyze your NetSuite records, including custom records, in an interactive map. This quick overview will demo the GeoBusiness Explorer user interface, and show how you can create optimized routes, or simply get more information about your NetSuite records in an interactive map.
GeoBusiness Explorer →

ArcGIS Connector for NetSuite

GeoBusiness for NetSuite is a Hybrid SuiteApp that connects NetSuite with Esri’s ArcGIS to provide mapping capabilities to our users via the ArcGIS Connector.

ArcGIS Connector for NetSuite →
GeoBusiness for NetSuite is a Location Intelligence Platform.

GCS, the creator of GeoBusiness for NetSuite, works with Esri, a leader in Location Intelligence, named by Forrester.

GeoBusiness for NetSuite

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