GeoBusiness for NetSuite

Location Intelligence for NetSuite

GeoBusiness for NetSuite

GeoBusiness for NetSuite is a Location Intelligence Platform. Real-time mapping, visualization, and geo-analytics for NetSuite.  Decision-makers gain clarity from Location Intelligence whether they need to react to supply chain disruptions, forecast profits for potential locations, determine service reach and response, or coordinate sales and field service teams with optimized route planning and location tracking.  Monitor operations, share data, and create actionable intelligence using Location Intelligence technology.

Map-based NetSuite Visualization

GeoBusiness Explorer is a location intelligence tool which enables your organization to view and analyze your NetSuite records, including custom records, in an interactive map. With location intelligence for NetSuite, your company can streamline workflows, plan routes, fill scheduling gaps, and instantly visualize where the most important areas of interest are for your business. This quick overview will demo the GeoBusiness Explorer user interface, and show how you can create optimized routes, or simply get more information about your NetSuite records in an interactive map.
Geobusiness Explorer
The GeoBusiness Explorer is a powerful tool allowing for the display, interaction, and analysis of NetSuite data in map.
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Location Intelligence for NetSuite Dashboards and KPIs

As you zoom into the map, the surrounding KPIs filter by the current map extent and display only the data in the current map. 
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New Lead and B2B Generation

Use GeoBusiness to break down locations into census block groups, and get in depth data such as: spending, demographics, lifestyle, and population data. Analyze populations at the local level to get location-based insights that your company can use to make important business decisions. Geospatial data makes it possible for your organization to make more informed sales strategies, and to target areas where your products/services are most needed.

Location-Driven Market Analysis

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Improve Daily Sales Force Execution and Visibility

Grow revenue by seeing which accounts are nearby, prioritize scheduling, maximize selling time with optimal routes. Optimal daily schedules for sales reps consider planning for multiple customer locations together to minimize wasted time driving, waiting between meetings, and visiting low-priority accounts. Advanced, multi-customer routing reveals the most efficient routes and factors in variables such as traffic, fixed meeting times, length of work day, start/end locations, account priority, proximity of meetings, and other relevant constraints. With an intuitive representation of customer locations, sales reps can visualize their location relative to target accounts and prospects.
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Field Delivery Management

Field Delivery Management is a solution for companies who manage their own fleet of drivers and trucks.

With complete workflows for dispatchers, drivers, and customer service, Field Delivery Management is an end-to-end solution that will optimize and streamline communication across your entire organization.
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Field Service Operations Management

GeoBusiness for NetSuite - Field Service Operations Management
GeoBusiness for Field Service uses the power of location to improve coordination and operational efficiency in field workforce activities. Reduce or even replace reliance on paper and spreadsheets. Ensure that both field and office workers use the same authoritative data to reduce errors, boost productivity, and save money.
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Supply Chain Visualization

Solutions for Supply Chain Visualization and Awareness
Supply chain digitization combines live business and location data in a single dashboard, giving leaders a new level of end-to-end operational awareness and analysis. By seeing the whole picture, supply chain operators can improve efficiency, prevent disruption, and gain competitive advantage.
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NetSuite Connector to Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

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GCS, the creator of GeoBusiness for NetSuite, works with Esri, a leader in Location Intelligence, named by Forrester.

GeoBusiness for NetSuite
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