Application Patterns for Integrating Enterprise ArcGIS with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Applications

Application integration lets you deliver solutions that combine data and tools from disparate systems–including your GIS as well as business systems like permitting, licensing, and asset management systems. With integrated solutions, you can improve cross-functional business processes and provide decision-makers with integrated views of your organization’s information.

ArcGIS helps you meet varying integration needs by supporting multiple application integration patterns.

No single application pattern fits all situations. Esri provides the following guidelines to help you determine which integration pattern best suits your application.

  1. If most of the capabilities you need are delivered by your GIS, deploy a geocentric application. This enhances GIS applications with business data and capabilities to automate or inform location-centric activities. Geocentric applications are dominated by geospatial content and capabilities while delivering business content and capabilities secondarily.
  2. When you need to access GIS content and capabilities within a business system or application, deploy a geoenabled application. This enhances business applications with GIS data and capabilities to automate or inform business activities. Geoenabled applications are dominated by business system content and capabilities that are supplemented by GIS capabilities.
  3. When you need a discrete application that integrates content and capabilities from both your GIS and existing business systems, build a composite application. Composite applications integrate capabilities from multiple systems in situations where no existing system can or should serve as the hosting framework.

Application integration patterns describe different approaches to incorporating location intelligence into applications. You can use these patterns to identify how users will interact with geospatial content, and how capabilities from GIS and other business systems should integrate.

from Architecting the ArcGIS System: Best Practices, Esri, August 2021.

GeoBusiness connects Esri ArcGIS with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Power Platform

Tightly integrated with Microsoft D365, GeoBusiness enables organizations to monitor operations, share data, and create actionable intelligence through Location Intelligence technology. Organizations looking to coordinate and empower their sales teams can benefit from Sales Team Optimization workflow. Companies looking to capture information in the field, integrate with Microsoft D365, and streamline operations can utilize our Field Service Operations workflow. Both leverage the power of Location Intelligence to increase efficiency.

GeoBusiness integrates workflows and data between D365 and ArcGIS
Utilizing Microsoft Azure, GCS, the creators of GeoBusiness, can help organizations design, architect, build, migrate, and manage their ArcGIS workloads, applications, and data.

For more information regarding integrating Enterprise ArcGIS with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Applications, please contact our GCS Team.

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