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Effective territory planning and optimization is critical for many businesses. Almost every organization that uses field crews for sales, services, or deliveries has a need for organizing field staff into territories or regions.

In the recent past, the process of designing sales or account management territories was often done by a manager based on instinct, experience, and input from the loudest voices on the sales team. Some modern companies still plan sales territories like this, but there is a better way. GeoBusiness for Territory Planning gives users the ability to create territories that automatically adjust based on identified criteria such as size, number of accounts, population, potential customers, and more.

A Dive into Territory Planning

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A Business Example:

Jeff is a regional sales manager for a material handling company and he wants to use data in order to create territories that are evenly distributed among his account managers. Currently, Jeff relies on his experience, sales by territory, and feedback he receives from the field. Jeff has six account managers for the greater Los Angeles area so creating balanced territories has always proven to be tough.

Using GeoBusiness for Territory Planning, Jeff specifies the area using zip codes for the six territories he wants to create. Next, he wants the areas grouped by attributes that matter to his business such as total sales opportunities in dollars by zip code for the last five years, counts of potential customers based on NAICS codes, and maximum drive times. Once Jeff updates the criteria, he’s able to weight each attribute by importance. GeoBusiness then automatically creates six balanced territories based on the identified criteria.

Esri ArcGIS Business Analyst

Business Analyst for ArcGIS Pro
Business Analyst for ArcGIS Pro

GeoBusiness exposes a powerful set of territory design and management tools with Business Analyst for ArcGIS Pro. Design, manage, and balance sales territories with advanced design and management tools.

GeoBusiness and ArcGIS Business Analyst

The ArcGIS Connector for NetSuite synchronizes territory data and other attributes between Business Analyst for ArcGIS Pro and NetSuite.

Design and realign territories from the ground up based on capacity, account priority, rep assignment, or geography to ensure the right field sales reps are in the right place, at the right time.

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