GeoBusiness Indoor Asset Tracking with ArcGIS Indoors

GeoBusiness Puts the Power of Indoor Mapping, Wayfinding, and Space Management Software In Your Organization’s Hands with ArcGIS Indoors

GeoBusiness Asset Tracking

Assets and equipment need regular maintenance. Indoor mapping and wayfinding software, in the hands of staff and security personnel, helps your organization save precious time when responding to work orders. That time adds up to countless hours and cost savings.

GeoBusiness Indoors Asset Tracking is a solution for companies who need to increase operational efficiency throughout asset life cycles. It integrates fully into existing asset management systems and inventory tracking. From the back office to the field, this solution streamlines communication organization-wide.

How GeoBusiness Indoor Asset Tracking via ArcGIS Indoors Works

GeoBusiness Indoors Asset Tracking is delivered on-premises through ArcGIS Enterprise or on the web via ArcGIS Online. Your organization can consolidate your asset and space information into a single place, the indoor map, and provide easily accessible web and mobile apps, for location discovery, wayfinding, room reservations, and space planning.

ArcGIS Indoors allows for all of your uploaded indoor data to be converted to GIS data and used to create floor-aware indoor maps. These maps can be used to support asset mapping, safety, security, and event planning.

With a shared map, leaders have the same knowledge as their teams, at all times. If there’s a maintenance or security issue, they’ll know right away. They don’t need to wait for staff to find paper blueprints or convey status information. In turn, they can make fast decisions to avoid work disruptions and keep employees and visitors safe.

ArcGIS Indoors puts the power of indoor maps into the hands of everyone in your organization by delivering indoor navigation software and location-based experience to your building occupants. Occupants or visitors can easily locate and find their way around your facilities with easily accessible mobile apps . Help facilities and operations teams find important facility information quickly. See your real-time location, represented by a blue dot on the indoor map, by using ArcGIS Indoor Positioning System (IPS) along with ArcGIS Indoor Maps. Build a complete indoor GIS for smart building management.

ArcGIS Indoors maps provides easy-to-follow, door-to-door routes to help occupants get from point A to B quickly and safely through web and mobile applications. With the addition of ArcGIS IPS, deliver the blue-dot experience so that people can navigate in real time.

ArcGIS Indoors space planning software allows leaders to plan and manage space more efficiently. With visual mapping tools, organizations can consolidate unused space to reduce leased square footage or reallocate it to business units that can maximize the space asset to better serve their mission. Organizations can also plan the use of new space needed for growth and expansion.

With a Single Source of Indoor Data, Create Intuitive and Easily Understood Floor-Aware Indoor Maps that Highlight People, Places, and Assets.

The hybrid workplace has rapidly become the new norm, and employees and visitors need to know they have the space, equipment, and amenities they need; where to find them and how to get them on days they are at work. With ArcGIS Indoors, occupants can reserve meeting rooms or be assigned a workspace, which allows for high levels of productivity and collaboration when in the office.

Consolidate and reassign or get rid of unused space. Conserve valuable office space with office hoteling to increase the employee-to-office space ratio for those working from home or not in the office full-time. Optimize facility managers’ maintenance and cleaning schedules depending on when and how often spaces are used.

Take control of space management and workspace reservations with ArcGIS Indoors. Define, allocate, and assign space within your facilities. Easily maximize your space usage, plan staff moves, and honor health requirements to support a safe and comfortable workspace with simple-to-use space management and hoteling software. ArcGIS Indoors also enables users to make workspace reservations via the Indoors Viewer. Indoors Mobile applications give employees the flexibility to work in the space that best suits their needs and supports a productive and collaborative workplace.

Key Benefits

  • Build an indoor system of record – ArcGIS Indoors allows you to combine your indoor data into a geospatial system of record.
  • Put indoor maps into everyone’s hands – Give everyone access to indoor maps with ArcGIS Indoors. Empower space planners with space management maps for use in the Space Planner app.
  • Inform operations and decision-making – ArcGIS Indoors provides complete situational awareness of your space, giving operations staff and decision-makers crucial location intelligence.
  • Build routable networks – Not only are these indoor maps floor-aware, but they support indoor navigation. ArcGIS Indoors includes tools to automatically generate routable networks from floor plans to support real-time indoor navigation.
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