GeoBusiness Provides Indoor Mapping for Public Safety and Security Operations with ArcGIS Indoors

Today’s world presents your organization’s security personnel with the potential for numerous security concerns. From medical emergencies, to natural disasters, physical hazards, bomb threats, and active shooter situations, the need to strengthen campus security capabilities has become increasingly apparent. Securing your organization’s campus and facilities cannot be accomplished without understanding the operational environment.

Providing accessible, standardized situational awareness and response tools that equip campus security, students and other employees with the ability to capture and report information on a suspected activity that may pose a threat to occupants is essential to prevention and quick response.

This foundational indoor mapping system delivers enhanced situational awareness and improves communication by integrating the real-time location of security officers with incident locations and relevant life safety and security assets.

A GIS platform acts as the most comprehensive unifying technology for security officials, as they can combine standard operating procedures, protocols, data sources, and indoor maps to create a clear, shared situational awareness within any indoor environment. ArcGIS Indoors maps campus buildings, floors and rooms all within a single view, and offers interoperability with other business systems.

Maps and spatial analysis have long helped security personnel understand where and when a potential threat is occurring so that they can deploy resources more effectively. Your organization’s security personnel can now use Esri’s GIS-powered maps and apps to support executive decision-making, manage field operations, power real-time situational awareness, and drive community engagement efforts.

Not only are indoor maps built with ArcGIS Indoors floor-aware, but they support indoor navigation. ArcGIS Indoors includes tools to automatically generate routable networks from floor plans to support real-time indoor navigation.

Maps provide access to layers of data that can be delivered to security staff. Desktop and mobile apps provide routing with turn-by-turn directions through any building to quickly find public safety or security concerns. In addition, these routes can be used for pre-incident and evacuation route planning, helping all building occupants feel prepared and equipped in the event of an emergency. Mobile apps empower building occupants to report security related issues in their facilities and allows officers and technicians to use the app to locate and navigate to the problem.

Routes can be used for pre-incident and evacuation route planning, helping all building occupants feel prepared and equipped in the event of an emergency.

Mobile apps help security personnel access assignment details, view past incidents in their vicinity, collect and edit data, and share their location. Dashboards integrate live data feeds and the locations of personnel in real time for a complete operational picture. Executive and administrative personnel can monitor current security concerns and ongoing security operations with interactive dashboards that help them make informed decisions and keep your organization safe.

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