Indoor Mapping used to create connected ERP workflows – improve beyond the “Last Mile”

Integrated NetSuite or other ERP with Indoor mapping is changing the way business’ track and manage assets from INSIDE buildings, containers, warehouses, and industrial complexes.

ArcGIS Indoors is a complete system for indoor mapping used to create a connected workplace. The first release for ArcGIS Indoors arrived on March 21, 2019.

ArcGIS Indoors provides a common operating picture for executives, workplace services personnel, and other employees and visitors to understand, manage, and use their workplace environment. Through an extended version of ArcGIS Pro, native web and mobile applications, and an indoor information model, ArcGIS Indoors helps you create, customize, share, and apply workplace maps and location data so you can manage workplace operations and build an environment that is comfortable and engaging for your people.

Improve beyond the “Last Mile” by integrating Indoor Mapping via connected OUTDOOR workflows such as routing capabilities for supply chain management and transportation planning from hub to final precise coordinate location.

ArcGIS Indoors
An Indoors Web Mapping App consolidates people, places, assets, and services into a workplace map making buildings more accessible, workflows more efficient, and environments more secure.

Enable, Engage, and Empower your ERP with Indoor Mapping.

Integrating your ERP, such as Oracle Netsuite, with ArcGIS Indoors, can provide increased benefits in cost efficiency and process across your Enterprise. An ERP with GIS can reduce congestion, streamline flow and improve way-finding experiences throughout facilities. The key to implementing IoT use cases that deliver significant business outcomes is having accurate digitized indoor maps synchronized with real-time ERP dashboards and management systems.

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