Launch Your NetSuite GIS Platform

Don’t simply put dots on maps or enable tabular data to be viewed. Geo-enable your business with real geo-analytics. GCS can provide you with a strategy for successfully adopting a Geographic Information System (GIS) within your organization and connect it to your NetSuite ERP system.


Manage asset and resource information

Consider the location of your organization’s assets, their characteristics, and the spatial relationship among your assets, customers, and other points of interest. We use the term assets broadly to refer to an organization’s people, facilities, and infrastructure. Location technology provides an effective way to collect, organize, and exchange up-to-date asset information. For example, understanding which assets need routine maintenance can reduce the likelihood of failure or service interruptions.

Facilitate better planning and analysis

Organizations must understand how to sustain operations, create growth, and plan for the future. You can use location information—such as demographics or sales data on a map—to analyze the relationships among people, places, and things. You can then use that information to answer questions like: Where is my competition related to trade areas? Where should we establish fleet routes or service centers? Where should we direct our marketing campaign based on customer information? For example, understanding the location of customers can show where you have gaps in service or trade areas with insufficient coverage.

Enable field mobility

Many organizations have field teams and resources in the field. In many
cases, remote staff are an organization’s greatest investment. Being able
to get information to and from the field makes for smarter decisions and
lowers operating costs. Location technology allows your organization to
collect data and access it from mobile devices in the field. For example, teams in the field can collect information about customers and identify patterns based on their location that will allow for better decision making.

ERP and GIS integration

Provide a comprehensive view of operations

Location information can provide your people with a comprehensive awareness of the environment and events affecting your organization. Members of your organization can visualize weather events, customer trends, and your key performance indicators in real time on a dashboard. For example, this operational awareness ensures that all executives are making decisions from the same, authoritative data. Engage with employees, constituents, and customers.

Sharing location information with your stakeholders allows you to build stronger business relationships. Understanding their needs enables you to improve your products or services.

NetSuite Geospatial Dashboard
It is possible to create geospatial KPI portlets inside your NetSuite Dashboards.

Geo-enable your NetSuite business system

Adding mapping and location information to your NetSuite business applications (e.g., customer relationship management (CRM), enterprise resource planning (ERP), business intelligence) can enrich your view of the world. You can analyze your data to discover new patterns and solve business problems. You can share this information across the organization to foster collaboration. For example, gaining new insights into customer responses to marketing campaigns can increase the effectiveness of marketing spending.

Now that you have read several examples of how organizations leverage location information, you are ready to evaluate how your organization can use location information to improve its workflows.

Contact GCS to assist you with a strategy for adopting a Geographic Information System (GIS) within your organization.

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Since 2002, GCS has been an Esri Business Partner.

For more than 30 years, Esri has been the leading developer of GIS software with more than 300,000 clients worldwide. Esri also provides consulting, implementation, and technical support services. In addition to its headquarters in California, Esri has regional offices throughout the United States, international distributors in more than 90 countries, and more than 1,200 business partners. Esri’s goal is to provide users with comprehensive tools to help them quickly and efficiently manage and use geographic information to make a real difference in the world around them. Esri can be found on the Web at

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