Microsoft Dynamics 365 Asset Tracking & Analysis for Gas and Pipeline Referencing Utility Network Asset Management

A Microsoft Power Platform integrated GIS solution for a unified utility network and ArcGIS Pipeline Referencing implementation for gas and hazardous liquid pipelines

A GIS based gas and pipeline asset management solution is beneficial to organizations of all sizes and backgrounds which features the Utility and Pipeline Data Model (UPDM) and includes common gas and pipeline data management workflows. This GeoBusiness solution is built on a complete geospatial platform, ArcGIS, which supports the many aspects of pipeline utility network management from mapping assets, to editing data, viewing system maps in the field and office, viewing asset reports, and collaborating with map notes.  

The solution deploys foundational services, simplifying the creation of additional web and mobile apps and provides a desktop data editing environment. It is typically implemented by vertically integrated gas utilities, and gas and hazardous liquid pipeline operators that want an efficient way to manage gas and pipeline assets.

ArcGIS Pipeline Referencing provides industry-specific linear referencing data management for gas and hazardous liquids pipelines. It supports route and event loading tools, route and event editing, geoprocessing tools, and web services. 

Connecting ArcGIS with Microsoft Dynamics 365

For organizations looking to quickly get started connecting Microsoft Dynamics 365 with mapping and managing pipeline utility network assets in a lightweight, secure, scalable, GIS platform, a GeoBusiness implementation of the ArcGIS Gas and Pipeline Referencing Utility Network Foundation solution offers a completely hosted cloud SaaS solution.

For more information about GeoBusiness Asset Tracking & Analysis, click here.

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