Microsoft Dynamics 365 Asset Tracking & Analysis for Water Distribution Asset Management

A Microsoft Power Platform integrated GIS solution for water distribution management

A GIS based water distribution asset management solution is beneficial to organizations of all sizes and types. This GeoBusiness solution is built on a complete geospatial platform, ArcGIS, which supports the many aspects of water management from editing data, to viewing system maps in the field or office, to viewing reports, and collaboration with map notes.

GIS based water distribution asset management solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365

The ArcGIS Water Distribution Data Management solution uses ArcGIS Online groups to simplify permissions and organize maps and apps.

This solution turns Microsoft Dynamics 365 into a system for water distribution organizations to easily inventory their assets and keep information up to date. It also provides simple to use interactive maps and dashboards for office and field staff and increases collaboration.

As an editor, you can use a web app to add service connections to the map.

After implementation, organizations with no water distribution data can immediately begin mapping their water distribution systems by digitizing their data with web or desktop software. Organizations with existing spatial water distribution data can load it and begin using the solution.

Technicians in the field can add a map note to the system. Your organization’s GIS manager can then review and resolve map notes about your system to ensure issues are being addressed.

Enhance Microsoft Dynamics 365 asset management with an Enterprise GIS

ArcGIS enables a holistic approach with fresh insights about performance, risks, resources, and costs. Since assets are spatial, their exchange of influence is not only reciprocal but also determined by their criticality and location. In relationship to other assets, ArcGIS adapts to ever-changing conditions in emergencies and can discover patterns and trends with a more sophisticated level of reporting. ArcGIS is essential for water asset management plans. Learn more about Modernizing Asset Management.

Connecting Esri ArcGIS with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Power Platform

Learn more about GeoBusiness for Microsoft Dynamics 365

For organizations looking to quickly get started connecting Microsoft Dynamics 365 with mapping and managing district water assets in a lightweight, secure, scalable, GIS platform, a GeoBusiness implementation of the ArcGIS Water Distribution Data Management solution offers a completely hosted cloud SaaS solution.

For more information about GeoBusiness Asset Tracking & Analysis, click here.

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