NetSuite and Location Intelligence

Big Business turns to Location Intelligence for insight during critical decisions.

Esri, the global market leader in geographic information system software, outlines the strategic use of Location Intelligence technology in business decisions.

“At one of the five fastest-growing restaurant chains in the country, GIS supports core business activities, including optimizing site selection for new locations and maximizing individual store performance—while minimizing the impact of competition. A well-equipped GIS provides business leaders with a wealth of insight on markets and consumers, even to the level of an individual city block. Arranged intuitively on a map, this data—which ranges from the demographic to the psychographic—allows a company to see concentrations of potential customers and plan locations accordingly, ”

Matt Ball of Esri

Location Intelligence outstrips the competition with data analysis.

We live in a data-driven world. Companies stay ahead of the curve by collecting and analyzing data efficiently. From another recent Esri article (“How Data Driven John Deere Wins the Market“):

“Companies that outperform competitors use location-based data to understand who the customer is, where they’re located, and what their proximity is to the things they want or need. That’s why location intelligence has become an essential tool for market development.” 

Marianna Kantor , Esri; Frits van der Schaaf , Esri

An example graphic generated from our app GeoBusiness for Sales Insights, displaying generational data in a given geographical region.

Location Intelligence for NetSuite, GeoBusiness is designed to maximize workflows and increase revenue.

Location intelligence applies at every level of an organization. It’s not just for executives. A great example: utility companies whose fieldworkers use GIS to maintain and track assets. However, the same functionality can easily apply to sales representatives using CRM software. Use GIS to plan your sales activities, analyze changes in sales over time, and manage your interactions with critical customers.

GeoBusiness Products

GeoBusiness is the premier mapping extension for NetSuite.

We’ve developed GeoBusiness to provide exactly this type of functionality. As the premier mapping extension to NetSuite, the GeoBusiness software bundle will allow your organization to schedule sales visits geographically on the go, as well as analyze the effectiveness of sales/marketing campaigns over time–all in one streamlined user experience. GeoBusiness will enhance workflows across your organization and increase your revenue. Get the market insights your organization needs, and the mapping capabilities to act on those insights. Get GeoBusiness.

Contact us for a demonstration or a 14 day free trial.

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