Oracle NetSuite Asset Tracking & Analysis for Broadband Communications Asset Management

An Oracle NetSuite integrated GIS solution for coax, copper, fiber, and wireless system assets

A GIS based telecommunications network asset management solution is beneficial to organizations of all sizes and network types. This GeoBusiness solution is built on a complete geospatial platform, ArcGIS, which supports the many aspects network management; from strategic planning to project management, to network engineering, to permitting and construction, and network operations.

Support for basic fiber, coax, copper, and wireless asset management through a simplified information model

Modeling of multiple network tiers with a focus on small regional and local OSP networks
  • Fiber Networks – Fiber cables and equipment
  • Wireless & Microwave Networks – Wireless sites and equipment
  • HFC (Hybrid Fiber Coax), Coax, and Copper Networks – Network cables and equipment

Connecting NetSuite with ArcGIS

For organizations looking to quickly get started connecting Oracle NetSuite with mapping and managing telecom networks/assets in a lightweight, secure, scalable, GIS platform, a GeoBusiness implementation of the ArcGIS Communications Data Management solution offers a completely hosted cloud SaaS solution.

For more information about GeoBusiness Asset Tracking & Analysis, click here.

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