GCS worked closely with the staff of the Avian Science Center, a world-class Avian ecology research center, to develop a custom application designed to help the avian ecologists communicate effectively specific ecological relationships and stories of interest. Specifically, the interrelationship between specific bird species and the relationship of species presence and absence to fire history, severity, and location across the Northern Rockies ecosystems.

Presented with a range of options, GCS built an integrated solution leveraging ESRI’s ArcGIS Server for geospatial analytics and map services combined with Google Maps for visualization, fundamental query, and ease-of-use.

GCS continues to work closely with the customer providing support and development services from the GCS Solutions Team, assisting the customer in achieving their goals and objectives of awareness regarding fundamental ecological relationships between bird species of interest and fire ecology across the fire-dependent landscapes of the Northern Rockies.


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GCS is a Geospatial Information Technology Services Company
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