GCS, working in conjunction with the USGS and other partners, recently completed the Connecticut River Watershed Atlas.

Utilizing Esri ArcGIS Server and customized tools developed by GCS, the Atlas project provides a comprehensive analytical and visualization application for effective watershed management.


The Connecticut River Watershed Atlas is an online mapping application that provides information about the landscape and environmental features and conditions of the Watershed. Information presented in the Atlas exists as Geographic Information Systems (GIS) datasets that are displayed in layers in an interactive map. The GIS system allows users to zoom in and out, pan (move) to different areas and view information about map features through their Internet browsers without needing any specialized software.


The Atlas is a web portal designed to facilitate information exchange for resource managers, planners, and anyone interested in understanding the landscape and environmental features of the Connecticut River Watershed. The Atlas provides a collection of land and water data, descriptions of the data, and links to other resources, organizations, and data sources. The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) has initiated this project as a first step towards assessing the long-term sustainability of the Watershed’s natural resources. This Atlas is currently a collaborative effort between the USGS and The Nature Conservancy (TNC) and, we will continue to incorporate other partners in the future. For more background on the goal of working toward a sustainable watershed, see Project Background.

Data describing physical characteristics, cultural characteristics, biology, ecology, water flow, and water quality are available through the Atlas. See About the Data for a detailed list of the data layers with explanations and download options. Or click on ATLAS to start exploring the data through the map viewer.


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