GCS delivered a custom Microsoft ASP.NET, Esri ArcGIS, SQL Server, Web-based mapping application for Flathead County, MT.

The site utilized proprietary GCS .NET Connector technology and Microsoft’s .NET Framework for exceptional performance.

GCS was pleased to provide this solution to our important and valuable client – Flathead County. The site was designed to provide the client with the ability to make dynamic modifications to the code-base to drive the integration of additional data layers being stored and managed in SDE. Major raster data sets were easily and quickly delivered to the broad government and public user base in Montana’s fastest growing community.

In the near future, Flathead County’s GIS Department will also host the geospatial results (70 map products) of the Flathead County Community Wildfire Protection Plan study conducted by GCS.

These priority area layers will provide community members with the ability to quickly and easily assess hazards from wildland fire. Future fuel mitigation projects can use the Flathead County Mapping System as a planning and analysis toolset for the reduction of wildland fire hazards to life and property.

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GCS is a Geospatial Information Technology Services Company
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