Increasingly in our on-demand, technology-driven society, vast amounts of varied information are available to us through communication outlets, sensor networks and digital databases. One of the greatest modern challenges in information technology is to assemble all the data you need into a useful format at the speed of business. An incredible wealth of information is available, and with it, a nearly-untapped resource of powerful material once it is distilled and extracted to reveal the depths of connectivity and data patterns. For missions where real-time data analysis is critical for success, each piece of information must be analyzed instantaneously and correlated with corresponding data in order to extract value and significance to enhance decisions in the field.

GCS is one of the first companies in the world to tackle this problem by harnessing the power of IBM’s InfoSphere Streams to quickly analyze high volume, high variety and high velocity data streams. InfoSphere Streams is able to support a considerable capacity of structured and unstructured streaming data sources (or “Big Data”) including but not limited to: text, images, audio, VoIP, video, TV, financial news, radio, police scanners, web traffic, email, chat, GPS data, financial transaction data, satellite data, sensors, badge swipes, and any other type of digital information.

GCS recognizes the limitless possibilities that InfoSphere Streams can have in fortifying our country’s defense and intelligence systems within a C4IS MASINT approach and successfully overcome today’s growing data processing and storage challenges.

Our certified team of experts has developed the world’s first implementation combining IBM’s InfoSphere Streams with Esri’s ArcGIS system.

Our research and development team are continually exploring the boundaries of what can be accomplished with the use of this emerging new technology. Given the success to date, that GCS and it’s team members have had, we look forward to using the use of real-time geospatial analytics using the Streams to Arc combination.

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