LANDVIEW Fire Simulation Analysis Dashboard

The LandView™ Fire Simulation Analysis dashboard provides an accessible resource to visualize and analyze integrated land use and process scenarios, harvesting the power of high-performance computing to rapidly transition through various landscape fire scenarios.  As a pilot effort, LandView™ supports the rapid assessment of alternative land-use proposals in an attempt to demonstrate the delicate balance between ecological and economic processes at work across Montana landscapes.

Rocky Mountain Super Computing Centers (RMSC) is a Montana-based high performance computing public/private cloud node. GCS connected directly to a node at the RMSC to run data-intensive analysis. The results were quickly and easily available in a custom Esri ArcGIS Server application called LandView™.

The Wildfire Simulation dashboard utilized a Montana-based high performance computing public/private cloud node for fast modeling and Esri ArcGIS Server and Microsoft technologies for analytic visualizations.

To support dialogues on public land use policy, RMSC and GCS integrated existing fire simulation models, accessible land cover data, decision support applications, and GIS technology to create an advanced visualization tool.

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GCS is a Geospatial Information Technology Services Company
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