Mississippi State Rating Bureau Ensures Hydrant Reliability In Their Community With an Esri ArcGIS Fire Hydrant Inspection Solution

Project Overview

Back in 2020, the Mississippi State Rating Bureau (MSRB) engaged with GCS to create a Protection Class Calculator (PCC) web service solution. Then, at the beginning of 2022, the MSRB reengaged with GCS to support the MSRB GIS staff with authoritative PCC GIS dataset processes for storage, editing, field collection, application analysis, and display. One of the primary objectives of this project included establishing an SOP for authoritative storage and internal staff editing processes for PCC layers with a primary focus on fire hydrants.

GCS collaborated with the MSRB to deploy the out of the box ArcGIS Fire Hydrant Inspection solution. The solution enabled the MSRB to effectively keep track of over ninety thousand fire hydrants in the state.

Esri ArcGIS Fire Hydrant Inspection Solution

What It Does

Fire Hydrant Inspection can be used to perform fire hydrant inspections and ensure that every hydrant in a district performs reliably when an emergency occurs.

The solution provides a comprehensive inventory of fire hydrants, and their status that can be accessed in a station or the field. The hydrant inventory can be used by fire service agencies to prioritize inspection activities and quickly locate operational hydrants when an emergency occurs. This approach reduces staff time necessary to perform routine inspections, and ultimately increases the effectiveness of fire suppression efforts. Fire Hydrant Inspection is typically implemented by fire service agencies that want to take a data-driven approach to preparedness and response activities.

The Fire Hydrant Inspection solution delivers a set of capabilities that help you inventory fire hydrants, collect operational status on a regular schedule, and monitor the progress of fire personnel performing routine hydrant inspections.
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