Agren’s suite of precision conservation software is revolutionizing soil and water management. The smart and practical online conservation planning tools from Agren enable users to get done in minutes what farmers have traditionally waited weeks and months for from local public agencies. Service providers can now offer practical, value-added soil and water management solutions, empowering farmers and land managers to make profitable decisions that ultimately enhance agricultural productivity and sustainability.


Working closely with Agren, GCS delivered, from the ground up, Agren’s precision conservation suite of geospatial-based web tools: WaterwayBuilder, PondBuilder, BasinBuilder, and WetlandBuilder.

The suite of precision agricultural tools was built with Esri ArcGIS and Microsoft technologies and deployed into the Amazon Web Service (AWS) cloud.

In addition, GCS supplemented Agren’s internal agile development team to support operations and create new feature enhancements to SoilCalculator and BufferBuilder solutions.


Agren SoilCalculator allows service providers to plug in various crop rotations, tillage systems, and conservation practices and view the resulting erosion predictions for up to three scenarios. Color-coded maps, similar to a GIS yield map, pinpoint areas of high erosion. Growers can easily evaluate alternatives side by side to maximize profits, conserve soil, preserve yields, and reduce nutrient inputs.

Agren BufferBuilder allows conservation planners to custom-design buffers to trap sediment as water flows off a field. Using site-specific management systems, soils, and topographic information, BufferBuilder models the flow of water and sediment from a crop field. This technology identifies where filter strips will be the most effective and helps the user properly design the width along the water body.

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