Tim Harrington,VP of IT – CIO, OmniTRAX, Inc

I am pleased to provide a business endorsement for GCS. OmniTRAX, Inc. has been busy the last couple years moving to a “Cloud first” technology platform. The first major effort to this end was moving from a legacy on premise SAP environment to a NetSuite SaaS solution. Once that major ERP project was completed the strategic goals shifted to leveraging the NetSuite platform to be used functionally across the business as full ERP, not only for back office administrative accounting functions.

We began seeking out technical partners that would assist us with the strategic goals of the business at an operational and customer centered level. This is when we stumbled upon GCS and their expertise on the ESRI geospatial technology stack and their knowledge with an existing client that was also a NetSuite user.

Over the past year, using an agile methodology, we have built two operationally specific applications with GCS leveraging ESRI and NetSuite. The story is even more complex, as we have added several other applications capturing operational data into the wholly integrated platform. The results are proving strategically valuable.

Working with GCS has been extremely rewarding. GCS brings a professionalism with their unique skillsets that we were specifically seeking in a vendor partner relationship. Their smaller size allows us to accomplish more in less time built with a targeted focus.

Thank You GCS!

Tim Harrington
VP of IT – CIO
OmniTRAX, Inc


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