GeoBusiness for Sales Insights

Data you didn’t know existed alongside your NetSuite data leads to meaningful Sales Insights.

GeoBusiness for Sales Insights web application provides location-based intelligence for planning, site selection, customer segmentation, and analyzing trade areas. Combine NetSuite business data with demographic, lifestyle, and spending data while applying map-based analytics to create accurate reports and dynamic presentations.

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Maximize your workflow efficiency across all parts of your organization. GeoBusiness seamlessly integrates Esri’s ArcGIS software with your location-based NetSuite data.
GeoBusiness for Sales Insights, a tool for site selection and market planning.

Potential industry use examples:  Franchise Acquisition, Healthcare, Retail, Urban Planning, Restaurants and Hospitality, Economic Development, Transportation and Logistics, Product Merchandising and Advertising, Food and Beverage, Occupational Safety, Higher Education Recruiting, Real Estate Development, Wholesale Distribution.

Step 1. Using your NetSuite data as a guide, identify an area for analysis based on circumstances critical to your industry – from site selection for real estate to new sales territories or customers.

How GeoBusiness for Sales Insights works

Area of Analysis based on a 7 minute drive-time from a customer location. The GeoBusiness Connector for NetSuite delivers NetSuite data to a GIS. These points can represent leads, prospects, customers, and assets.

How does NetSuite data get into the map?

A core component of GeoBusiness for Netsuite is the GeoBusiness Connector.

Step 2.  Based on your Area of Analysis, create a geo-enriched Infographic.

Infographics are visualizations that provide contextual information about your Area of Analysis on the map. GeoBusiness for Sales Insights provides a wide selection of demographics categories from which you can choose, including: population, age distribution, income levels, and more.

Infographics are interactive allowing for real-time analysis.

Target Marketing Summary for NetSuite
Get crucial facts, lifestyle spending, Tapestry segments, and an age pyramid.

Step 3. Based on your Area of Analysis, create a geo-enriched detailed PDF report.

For more detailed analysis, select from one of 50+ presentation-ready reports.


View a sample demographic reports:

Step 4. Analyze your NetSuite data in the map with additional data layers.

Advanced Functionality

Custom infographics, reports, and customer segmentation analysis augment GeoBusiness for Sales Insights’ territory planning functionality.

GeoBusiness for Sales Insights does a great job providing new and valuable location-based business insights into your NetSuite data, but sometimes you have very specific requirements. GeoBusiness for Netsuite can provide support for advanced custom needs.

GeoBusiness for Sales Insights provides numerous infographics/reports. GeoBusiness gives you the ability to combine information from different infographics/reports with additional data into your custom built infographics/reports with company branding.

GeoBusiness for Sales Insights provides customer segmentation related data for targeting new and existing customers. If your needs become more specific, GeoBusiness provides advanced functionality to help you better understand your existing and potential customers so you know who to target and how to attract them. Divide NetSuite customers into targeted groups. Find demographics including age, income, gender, family size, and health history. Learn what people prefer using lifestyle and behavioral data. 

Balance your network to help each location and territory manager succeed. Use automated workflows for territory design, location allocation, and market penetration analyses. Locate under-performing sites. Predict KPIs for proposed locations. Integrate multiple data layers to analyze site suitability.

Contact GCS regarding these advanced features.

NetSuite integration with a Geographic Information System (GIS)

If your organization has a GIS (or thinking about creating one), GeoBusiness for NetSuite serves as the core bridge between your NetSuite data and GIS. The GeoBusiness Connector orchestrates data streaming between NetSuite and GIS.

About the data

GeoBusiness for Sales Insights combines NetSuite data with Esri Demographics data. Esri Demographics is a global collection of demographic, psychographic, and socioeconomic data, with over 15,000 data variables from 130+ countries. Updated regularly, Esri Demographics datasets are of high value with strong lineage, accuracy, and completeness. Integrate datasets into your workflows by consuming them as maps, charts, infographics, reports, and more. Make confident decisions based on trusted, accessible, quality data. Esri is the global market leader in GIS. Read more about Esri and Esri Demographics data and Tapestry Segmentation.

GCS is proud to be an award winning Esri partner
Esri’s ArcGIS mapping and analytics software unleashes potential in every industry. Learn more here.

Esri, the global market leader in geographic information systems (GIS), offers the most powerful mapping and spatial analytics technology available. Since 1969, Esri has helped customers unlock the full potential of data to improve operational and business results. Today, Esri software is deployed in more than 350,000 organizations including the world’s largest cities, national governments, 75% of the Fortune 500, and more than 7,000 colleges and universities. Esri engineers the most advanced solutions for digital transformation, IoT, and location analytics to create the maps that run the world.

More Info

GeoBusiness for Sales Insights is a part of the GeoBusiness for NetSuite solution. To learn more about GeoBusiness for Sales Insights, please contact us for more information.

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