Netsuite and Mapping Integration

GCS integrates NetSuite with Esri ArcGIS for enterprise customers

Enterprise NetSuite and GIS Integrations

If you have an existing GIS, build on the investment you’ve made in maturing your Enterprise by seamlessly integrating with NetSuite. Unlock the ability to connect spatial locations and attributes of assets and other business data from ArcGIS and NetSuite in real time.

Improve Business Processes and Workflows

Integrating a GIS with NetSuite allows for location rules to be enforced within your business processes. Adding location to business rules allows processes to be validated with spatial logic such as objects, places, or people by or within locations, proximity, and temporal – over time – past and present.

NetSuite SuiteScript and Workflow Integrations

Custom business logic added to existing or new business processes via scripting and workflow enhancements. To implement custom workflows integrated with a GIS and/or other business system, Inject custom logic to respond to NetSuite triggers or events, SuiteScripts can.

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GeoBusiness for NetSuite – Location Intelligence for NetSuite

GeoBusiness for NetSuite is a Location Intelligence Platform supporting sales, service, and marketing teams’ ability to increase revenue and maximize productivity.  GeoBusiness provides a map-based visualization for all NetSuite data.  Grow revenue by seeing which accounts are nearby, prioritize scheduling, maximize selling time with optimal routes, and improve territory planning.

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Location Intelligence for NetSuite
Location Intelligence for NetSuite
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