This GCS solution optimizes efficiency and productivity for Colorado State Land Board, reducing admin cost and delivering a seamless high value product for taxpayers.  Since 2013, GCS continues to support the CSLB.



The Colorado State Land Board manages millions of acres of state lands, their sales and leases, royalties from mining production, and the revenue that these lands produce for state programs. CSLB was using a combination of systems to track leases and permits, geographical data, and various accounting records, making it complicated to keep their data in sync across all departments. CSLB came to GCS to centralize this data into a single viewer and to deliver more efficient management, returning greater value to Colorado taxpayers.


GCS integrated CSLB’s NetSuite with ArcGIS to connect ERP data to location.

GCS geo-enables your Oracle NetSuite with Esri ArcGISGCS assimilated data from four separate departments to build a unique web-based GIS application. The web app allows the public to easily search for and identify specific locations on State Land Board maps, while CSLB staff can log in to see restricted data and quickly run reports on their lands and revenues.


Automatons allow fast, accurate updates without extensive employee training.  Consolidating the data from multiple sources optimizes CSLB’s workflow and makes it easier to create reports on state holdings that generate revenue. The web app improves the public’s ability to find available lands to lease from the state with better search options, while reducing CSLB staff time in assisting. Requests for printed maps that were previously labor intensive and time consuming can now be managed directly with red line tools on the web app.  Every aspect of the GCS solution optimizes efficiency and productivity for CSLB; reducing administrative costs and delivering a seamless, high value end product for taxpayers.


“GCS was crucial in helping us achieve our goal by building custom scripts and graphical interfaces to relate between ESRI ArcGIS Enterprise/Microsoft SQL Server and NetSuite.”

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Bill Martin, Real Estate GIS Planner, Colorado State Land Board

Colorado State Land Board

For more information regarding our “NetSuite ArcGIS Connect” product, please contact our GCS Team at 406-747-8393 or

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