OmniTRAX, Inc. has been busy the last couple years moving to a “Cloud first” technology platform.

Private railroad and transportation leader OmniTRAX wanted to accelerate the pace of its business to meet the growing needs of business users. The company also wanted a disruption-free solution that provided an end-to-end view of operations to streamline and innovate processes, a new executive team sought a scalable, agile platform that would empower an aggressive growth-by-acquisition strategy.

As OmniTRAX innovated the way customers leveraged rail to enable logistics, it chose Oracle NetSuite, helping to decrease operational and service costs by empowering workers with anywhere, anytime access to information that expedited daily tasks and uncovered greater process efficiencies.

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GCS geo-enables your Oracle NetSuite with Esri ArcGIS
GCS geo-enables your Oracle NetSuite with Esri ArcGIS to extend your business networks, dashboards, and decision-making. Let GCS connect NetSuite to Esri ArcGIS.

OmniTrax chooses geospatial technology from GIS pioneer and industry leader, Esri, to uncover and expose NetSuite and IoT data.  Esri’s ArcGIS technology allows companies to harness their location data more effectively by tracking, managing, and optimizing complex geospatial systems.

OmniTRAX contracted GCS to assist with connecting their large Oracle NetSuite implementation with a new integrated ArcGIS solution.

GCS built OmniTRAX Energy Solutions (OES) an operational dashboard connected to a large array of sensors and numerous third-party vendor APIs, such as Verizon Connect fleet management, to enable employees to make informed decisions more quickly. This gives OES real-time location insight into assets tracked across last-mile transportation from basin to wellhead. Ultimately, the system improves well site logistics coordination and management while providing executive teams key performance indicators in a web dashboard.


The dashboard brings together NetSuite and various IoT data via ArcGIS GeoEvent Server.

“Over the past year, using an agile methodology, we have built two operationally specific applications with GCS leveraging ESRI and NetSuite. The story is even more complex, as we have added several other applications capturing operational data into the wholly integrated platform. The results are proving strategically valuable.”

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Tim Harrington
VP of IT – CIO
OmniTRAX, Inc

OmniTRAX, Inc is one of North America’s largest private railroad and transportation management companies with interests in railroads, terminals, ports, and industrial real estate. OmniTRAX operates a network of 21 regional and short line railroads that cover 12 states in the US and 3 provinces in Canada. The company’s railroads have interchanges with BNSF, CN, CSXT, NS & UP, and transport commodities within the Agricultural, Aggregate & Industrial Mineral, Energy, Food, Crude Oil, Chemical, Lumber, Metal, Petroleum, and Plastic industries.

Please visit the OES website to learn more about OmniTRAX Energy Solutions.

For more information regarding a NetSuite Geographic Information System (GIS) technology integration, please contact our GCS Team.

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