Custom Protection Class Calculator Supports Inspectors and Fire Chiefs

Property Insurance Association of Louisiana (PIAL)

GCS has supported the Property Insurance Association of Louisiana (PIAL) throughout numerous developmental endeavors. During our time working with PIAL, GCS has provided the following services: The development of a Road Analysis App, the creation of a new Application Programming Interface (API) tying their protection score to up to date GIS data, support of their existing RAPID system as well as connecting it to their GIS portal, and provided training in GIS and maintenance of their system architecture.

RAPID (Rate and Property Inspection Database) is an application that supports building inspections and insurance rates according to rate formulas, geographical areas, and other factors that are driven, defined, and maintained by PIAL.

Optimize District Coverage and Run What-If Scenarios with the Road Analysis Tool

The Road Analysis Tool generates coverage by existing fire station for a district and allows for their inspectors/fire chiefs to run what-if scenarios to plan and optimize district coverage.

To this day, GCS continues to provide technical services to PIAL.

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