As the first implementation of immersive, 360° video within ESRI’s software architecture, the GCS solution allows users of IMC’s Immersive Spherical Video to import and visualize their video assets within ESRI’s ArcGIS Desktop (ArcView, ArcEditor, ArcInfo).

Utilizing a GPS sensor integrated with the IMC camera, GCS Research engineered the capability to map the route taken and captured by the camera, view immersive video for any portion of the route, and play the geospatial video within the ArcMap environment. ArcMap is an application within ArcGIS Desktop products.

Some of the key features of IMC’s ArcGIS extension include a custom toolbar to the ArcMap interface that allows both the importation of immersive video media and viewing the videos within an ArcMap project. When a video is ingested into ArcMap, the captured GPS track of the camera’s path is automatically read, and positions are interpolated for each frame in the video file. These interpolated GPS data are then added to the ArcMap project as a new feature (vector layer). Any number of video files and associated camera routes can be imported and each route is added and viewable. Video feature classes can also be stored in the geodatabase depending on the desire of the end-user. When a user wants to view the immersive video for a given point on the route, they can click on any segment of the feature, and the “Telemmersion” GIS Viewer’s application is launched. The Telemmersion GIS Viewer displays the immersive video along with an overview frame that parses the video frames of the interpolated GPS route as the video plays.

IMC’s ArcGIS extension allows customers to fully integrate immersive data within a geospatial context. Utilizing ESRI’s ArcObjects within the ArcGIS 9 release, GCS was able to develop and deliver an innovative solution that provides significant value to IMC core camera technology. Further, GCS was able to meet the exacting demands of IMC cost-effectively and build an industry bridge for visualizing the spatial components of immersive video.

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GCS is a Geospatial Information Technology Services Company
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