GCS Research’s ISAA solution provides a standards-based SOA architecture for consumption, dissemination, and exploitation of geospatial sensor messaging. The ISAA architecture utilizes COTS-based geospatial applications for optimal performance in OCG-compliant geospatial Web services. A range of client applications interface consumes specific sensor-based web services Connector accessing an ArcIMS airport service and multiple Tracking Server sensor-based message strings. GAIN’s XML data connector and translator components function as the engine for thin and thick client applications.

Using Esri ArcGIS as a geospatial SOA implementation for a Common Operational Picture, the GAIN solution provides the airport authority with maximum flexibility for systems integration, exploits advanced geospatial analytics on the server-side, and pushes only the necessary alert information to the security personnel.

GAIN can be extended to include daily airport operations, maintenance, and facilities management, extending the power of the airport GIS enterprise. The GAIN solution can be consumed at multiple scales in the security and decision-marking workflow and anticipates the requirement to monitor airport clusters as a heterogeneous SOA network.



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