Problem: When it comes to drafting environmental legislation, governments are not always sure what the best practices are or what important steps may be vital to creating effective laws protecting their country’s natural resources. Legislators and legal experts had no centralized database for researching laws across countries and interpreting what had been successful. Legal Atlas, LLC, was formed to create tools to answer some of these questions and improve the world’s laws by offering searchable global data and insight.

Solution: The Legal Atlas online platform is designed to cover an unlimited number of legal topics (business environments, natural resources, health, etc.), offering unprecedented global views on their status. Streamlined research protocols allow staff to rapidly create global compendia of accurate, up-to-date legal texts and deliver them through smartly organized easy-to-use search mechanisms.

The Legal Atlas system combines cloud-based data management and GIS navigation and informational display.

Legal researchers can quickly find trends, best practice recommendations, ratification rates, and other information displayed on the map for the globe or specific countries they search. Unique easy-to-read graphics visually interpret the information. Digging deeper gets users to the actual language of the laws in English or various native languages, making them searchable and downloadable from anywhere, as well as offering instant comparisons which were previously impossible without laborious on-the-ground research.

Winner: The Hague International Innovation for Justice Award, most innovative idea, 2012.


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