After a long relationship with Governor Brian Schweitzer’s Office of Economic Development in Montana, GCS was contracted to create an informational website for the Energy Promotion and Development Division of the Department of Commerce.

GCS had previously created an interactive mapping site for Montana’s Energy projects, and this informational website was an extension of that work.

The Energy Division had begun work on this website and came to GCS with a design mainly represented in graphics and PowerPoint slides, which conveyed much of their requirements and visual components. GCS developers worked closely with these designs and Division personnel to move beyond static pictures and bring them to life on the website. The site was built on ASP website technology, used a CSS for styling, with Microsoft on the homepage (the moving windmill graphic) and for integrated videos, and a Google Search API (to search site content).

MME Report

Visitors could explore various aspects of energy programs in the state, which highlighted the accomplishments of the Schweitzer administration but persist beyond the tenure of a single governor. GCS created an easily navigable site from the client’s content in various forms: PDF, on-screen scroll-able reports, embedded videos, and links to related sites. Montana Means Energy also included consistent navigation and a Search tool. The look and feel of the site evolved over the development cycle to achieve the consistent display and exact features and photos on the site today.

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