Montana Department of Transportation

GCS was contracted by the Montana Department of Transportation to assist with upgrading three software applications.

Montana Department of Transportation

Construction Survey Startup System and the Project Directory Creation System

 GCS provided the following services:

  • Analysis, design, programming, testing, implementation, and documentation for the Construction Survey Startup System and the Project Directory Creation System.
  • Worked directly with MDT Project Manager to ensure knowledge transfer to MDT ISD staff is accomplished on an ongoing basis.

Montana ISD standards were followed for all development and maintenance activities.

 Construction Survey Startup System

 The MDT Construction Survey Startup program is used by MDT Field Construction and Survey personnel to update local CADD standards files (on the user’s machine) from network CADD standards shares and set environment variables and modify the Microstation site.cfg file on their local machine to allow Microstation/Geopak Survey to start up using the local CADD standards (non-networked operation) or using networked CADD standards (networked operation).  This is necessary for MDT Construction Field personnel to be able to complete field surveys while working in remote locations.

Project Directory Creation System

The MDT Project Directory Creation program is used by numerous areas at MDT to create project directories on their shares for use in saving and working with project files.  The program makes it easier for users to create project directories while enforcing the standard structure and naming conventions.  The program provides the user with direct access to project information so that the user can include the project location and/or project description information in the project folder name.  The program then performs the directory/sub-directories creation based on user-selected project information.

Montana Department of Transportation
GCS assisted the Montana Department of Transportation with upgrades to critical operational software to the latest Esri and Microsoft technology offerings.

The Highway Economic Analysis Tool (HEAT) 2

HEAT was created to a allow quick and consistent economic analysis of road improvement projects by the Montana Department of Transportation (MDT).  The tool is arranged as a series of graphical user interfaces (GUIs) that facilitate workflows involving different datasets and editing tasks, as well as external analysis applications that contribute to the tool’s outputs and products.  Since the inception of HEAT, the realm of Geospatial Information Systems (GIS) has evolved considerably.  New tools and technologies are now available, while older ones are losing support.  This circumstance has spurred the need to not only exploit the latest technology and data constructs but also take steps to ensure HEAT remains a viable tool.

The goal of the HEAT 2 project was to develop and deploy a new version of the tool that streamlines current workflows and processes using the latest technology while continuing to provide the same key features and products as the existing application.  The system design will be flexible and modular to better support eventual changes in technology and future enhancements or replacements to the tool’s different modules.  The current build of HEAT was not fully functional and remains cumbersome to use, due in part to the disjointed nature of its workflows and outdated data and software dependencies.  GCS was contracted to upgrade HEAT to modern GIS and IT technology.


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