StAGE – Stream and Gage Explorer for Montana DNRC

Project Overview

Use Cases and Goals

Montana DNRC required a solution that would provide detailed stream flow data and information to the publicly accessible website developed by the Montana Bureau of Mines and Geology. The application is needed to enable the collection, analysis, and presentation of accurate, high-quality, real-time streamflow data in Montana’s rivers, streams, and other critical surface water locations. The application’s ultimate goal includes supporting local and regional water resource management, distribution, and allocation. Additionally, it had to accommodate the installation and maintenance of up to 100 permanent real-time stream gages by 2025.


GCS is an ESRI Silver Partner. Our development team utilized Esri’s ArcGIS to provide various features for DNRC’s Stream and Gage Explorer (StAGE). Some notable features that the application includes:

  • Selectable base maps
  • Symbolized selectable gage layers with data sourced from USGS and DNRC
  • Easily accessible/interactive map symbology communicating information such as: site name, site ID, and hyperlinks to reporting pages
  • Detailed report pages with data such as: stage, discharge, and temperature readings for the last seven days
  • Data downloader allowing users to query and download gage data and statistics as needed


DNRC selected GCS to develop StAGE in 2020. When the development was complete it enabled water users and managers to make distribution decisions based on real-time information. It expanded the capabilities for both short and long-term water resource planning, such as: developing basin water budgets, evaluating local and regional water supplies, and evaluating opportunities for increased water storage. Further, StAGE has provided support to the efforts of Montana citizens in the development/implementation of local drought management plans, while promoting public awareness of Montana’s water resources.


“This is a great example of connecting water management professionals, recreationists, and the people of Montana to valuable data they need on daily basis, whether for work or play.” – DNRC Director Amanda Kaster

Read more about the application on the DNRC website. You can also access the application here.

Users can easily explore Montana’s surface water locations to get detailed reports about stream flow, and thereby make more informed decisions regarding water resource conservation.
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