Whacking Fatties Privacy Policy

1.0 Definitions.

Whacking Fatties is a web application designed to help users select ideal locations for fly fishing. You can visit the Whacking Fatties website here. Whacking Fatties (“The Service”) was developed and trademarked by GCS (the “Licensor”, “we”, “us”, “our”) in Missoula, MT. Visit our main website. By signing up for an annual Whacking Fatties subscription, the Licensee agrees to all conditions contained within the Terms of Service. Likewise, the Licensee (the “Licensee”, “User”) acknowledges that they understand and agree to the stipulations described in this Privacy Policy. The Privacy Policy exists to detail our reasons for collecting Licensee information, the manner that we use that information, who we share it with, and the measures and precautions that we take to protect this information.

2.0 Information You Provide to Us.

The Licensee provides information to GCS in order to use the Service. This information includes:

  • Contact Information such as e-mail addresses, phone numbers, or other contact preferences.
  • Account log-in credentials (including usernames and passwords).
  • Content of chats or communications with us for support purposes.
  • Payment information (including your credit card numbers and associated identifiers and billing address).

3.0 Information We Collect.

GCS will automatically collect certain data for purposes of security and customer support. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Log data related to usage of the Service, including IP Addresses.
  • Usage data including the dates and times you access the Service and your browsing activities, and metrics related to the deliverability of emails and other communications you send through the Service.

4.0 Use of Personal Information

We may use the Personal Information we collect or receive through the Service (alone or in combination with other data we source) for the purposes and on the legal bases identified below:

  • To contact you for collections purposes regarding money owed as stipulated in Section 3.0 Fees; Payment of the Terms of Service .
  • To send you alerts regarding the status of the service, such as planned service interruptions for troubleshooting or unplanned service interruptions such as technical failures or errors.
  • For purposes of customer support related to your account.
  • For legal purposes, to comply with investigations and provide information to legal authorities.
  • To contact you regarding Content notifications or updates as part of included features within the Service.

5.0 Information Security and Sharing.

GCS takes utmost care in ensuring privacy protection measure while collecting or interacting with Licensee data. GCS does not share data with Third Parties without express written permission from Licensees.

We apply essential privacy and security guidelines and practices to safeguard all personal information that passes through our Services. This includes protecting any usage data collected from our customers and the end users and through our products and services.

Whacking Fatties
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