GeoBusiness for NetSuite: Asset Tracking & Analysis

Increase Efficiency with Asset Tracking and Analysis

Back Office Visibility

GeoBusiness for NetSuite: Asset Tracking & Analysis is a solution for companies who need to increase operational efficiency throughout asset life cycles. GeoBusiness ATA integrates fully into existing asset management systems and inventory tracking. From the back office to the field, GeoBusiness ATA streamlines communication organization-wide.

With customized modern data collection apps, dispatchers and customer service have new visibility into field activities and into the health of company assets. Back office dispatchers and/or customer service representatives can also schedule technician appointments via a drag-and-drop scheduler.

GeoBusiness for NetSuite: Asset Tracking & Analysis provides visualization of company assets, technician locations, and job status. Data collection is available while technicians are disconnected from the internet.

Mobile Connectivity

With Asset Tracking and Analysis, technicians receive assignments via mobile applications. When they arrive at each destination GeoBusiness ATA gives them the ability to collect relevant data, even while disconnected from the internet. All data will be synced, and NetSuite will be updated, as soon as the technician’s device reconnects.

This enables technicians to share status updates quickly and seamlessly with the back office. Likewise, the back office can forecast maintenance needs and associated costs to send technicians where they are needed most, leading to improvements in asset longevity.

With GeoBusiness: Asset Tracking and Analysis, field technicians can collect data while disconnected from the internet. Collect artifacts like images and customer signatures. The solution can also automatically populate NetSuite record numbers, if needed.

Fixed Asset Management Integration

NetSuite’s Fixed Asset Management module provides features and support throughout the life cycle of all assets. With reporting capabilities covering depreciation schedules, insurance renewals, and lease expirations, the Fixed Asset Management module is key to understanding all phases of the asset life cycle.

GeoBusiness Asset Tracking and Analysis integrates with and enhances these features with location intelligence. With GeoBusiness Asset Tracking and Analysis, users can:

  • Easily schedule and reschedule technician appointments with a drag-and-drop scheduler
  • Visualize field technician locations while they carry out assignments
  • Experience real-time connectivity as field technicians update assignment statuses and/or submit details like customer signatures or asset images
  • Visualize assets on a dynamic web map with interactive KPIs, highlighting the most important information to your organization, such as depreciation status or new asset proposals
  • Integrate and update NetSuite records (including custom records) as assignments progress
GeoBusiness for NetSuite: Field Service Management provides a user friendly drag-and- drop scheduler that dispatchers or customer service representatives can use to schedule assignments for field technicians.
Location Intelligence for NetSuite
Location Intelligence for NetSuite

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