ArcGIS Cloud Services

GCS provides ArcGIS Enterprise Cloud Services in Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure

As enterprise Esri customers move towards adopting the cloud at scale, some find their people need help and time to gain cloud technology skills and experience. GCS is a professional services firm helping customers of all types and sizes design, architect, build, migrate, and manage their ArcGIS workloads, applications, and data on Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and ArcGIS Online.

GCS Cloud Service Offerings

GCS offers ArcGIS cloud consulting services at various levels of engagement to ensure organizations are successful implementing ArcGIS in ArcGIS Online, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and Microsoft Azure cloud environments.

  • ArcGIS Cloud and Web GIS Jumpstarts for Amazon (AWS), Azure, and ArcGIS Online
  • ArcGIS Cloud Architect offerings such as architecture, design, and readiness
  • ArcGIS Cloud Proof of Concept (PoC)
  • ArcGIS Cloud SysOps offerings such as capacity planning, performance and scalability testing, GIS health check, performance assessment and tuning
  • ArcGIS Cloud GIS Analyst services such as cloud map, data, or geoprocessing migration services, cloud GeoProcessing service and workload architectures, implementations, and performance tuning
  • ArcGIS Developers and DevOps Administrators such as ArcGIS modern cloud architectures

ArcGIS Cloud Migration

GCS provides ArcGIS cloud migration services, from assessing migration readiness, to defining strategy, to implementing a Proof of Concept (POC) cloud deployment. Our team will evaluate your existing on-premise architecture to a comparable system in the cloud. We aim to help define and meet your specific cloud implementation objectives.

ArcGIS Managed Cloud Services

Once your cloud environment is operational, GCS cloud experts manage uptime, security, maintenance, and performance and stay in communication with your organization.

GCS can augment your cloud IT team with GIS expertise or fully manage your cloud tenant. 

By implementing Esri and cloud industry best practices to maintain your infrastructure, ArcGIS Managed Cloud Services help to reduce your operational overhead and risk. ArcGIS Cloud Managed Services automates common activities, such as change requests, monitoring, patch management, security, and backup services, and provides full-lifecycle services to provision, run, and support your infrastructure. 

GCS manages your GIS cloud’s activities, such as: change requests, monitoring, patch management, security, and backup services. GCS provides full life-cycle services to provision, run, and support your infrastructure.

Modern ArcGIS Cloud Architectures – Cloud-Native Services

Modern cloud architectures allow organizations to innovate faster while reducing risk, time to market, and total cost of ownership.  Modern applications are built with a combination of modular architecture patterns, serverless operational models and agile developer processes.  They cover web and mobile backends, IoT applications, large GIS workloads, batch processing, shared services platforms, microservice backends, and more.  

GCS helps organizations move their GIS away from monolithic architectures to Cloud-Native server-less architectures. Contact us to learn about our recent success stories implementing modern ArcGIS cloud architectures for larger enterprise customers.

ArcGIS Cloud Security

GCS is committed to delivering ArcGIS Security IT services that meet the needs of customers, from individuals to large organizations.

Cloud Certified Professionals

GCS’s team is comprised of certified ArcGIS and cloud professionals who are solution architects, system integrators, native cloud developers, data scientists, and professional project managers.

GCS ArcGIS Cloud Services
As an Esri partner in the ArcGIS Cloud Services Specialty, GCS is recognized for expertise in deploying and managing ArcGIS in cloud environments.
As an Esri partner in the System Ready Specialty, GCS is recognized for keeping pace with Esri technology, expertise, and the community by helping users make smart decisions using Web GIS.

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To learn more, contact us to speak to a certified ArcGIS Cloud Expert.

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