ArcGIS Cloud Architecture, Design, Readiness Assessment, and Roadmap

Get started with a 2-week ArcGIS Cloud Architecture Design and Readiness Assessment

Our 2-week Architecture Design assessment sets the foundation for your organization to implement ArcGIS operational requirements in Microsoft Azure, AWS, ArcGIS Online, or on-premise hybrid architectures.

Cloud System Architecture and Design

Designed for organizations building new or migrating existing GIS to the cloud, the System Architecture and Design offer will equip organizations with the information required to plan a cloud environment to support their needs. Whether considering a range of market leading cloud infrastructure providers, Amazon AWS or Microsoft Azure, or debating a hybrid strategy of on premises and cloud, GCS will lead activities to assess requirements, lead discussions, and evaluate cloud design alternatives. The purpose of the engagement is to determine an appropriate cloud GIS architecture for the business drivers and technical requirements identified during this activity. As a result of these activities organizations will receive cloud configuration recommendations in a Cloud System Architecture and Design document.

Cloud Readiness and Roadmap

Leveraging the System Architecture and Design recommendations, GCS will provide consulting services to develop a Cloud Readiness Assessment and Migration Roadmap. The Cloud Readiness Assessment will classify the organization’s GIS existing environment, workflows, services, data, and applications against cloud migration criteria and considerations. The Migration Roadmap will outline recommended migration approach, milestones, deliverables and a schedule.

Our process is designed to help customers accelerate and de-risk ArcGIS cloud adoption.

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Get started with a 2-week ArcGIS Managed Cloud Services Architecture Design assessment.

The first step in deploying ArcGIS Enterprise with Microsoft Azure/AWS is to assess your cloud readiness and plan your system architecture. This includes Azure/AWS resources and ArcGIS software components and the connections between them. It also includes human components: the people who will work on your system, the access they will receive, and the accepted practices they will follow.

Operating a Web GIS system often involves serving multiple groups of stakeholders and their various requirements, working with cloud and resource limitations, and safeguarding content and identity security from threats. Because of this complexity, it is important that all known and relevant aspects be considered in the design.

ArcGIS Managed Cloud Services Architecture Design Assessment: Cost and Timeline

Cost – $5,000 and up (Estimated)

Fixed Timeline – Delivered within 2 weeks of start of engagement

ArcGIS Managed Cloud Services Architecture Design Assessment: Deliverable

Deliverable:  ArcGIS Cloud Architecture Design and Readiness Assessment Documents.

The 2-Week Assessment will include and/or consider:

  • Identify the business goals, outputs, and processes
  • Define the relevant use cases, epics, user stories
  • Gather non-functional requirements and service level agreements
  • Map the relevant business requirements to the technology
  • Design the conceptual architecture
  • Design the business user needs architecture
  • Design the application architecture
  • Identify cloud provider such as AWS, Azure, or ArcGIS Online
  • Identify deployment patterns for ArcGIS Enterprise
  • Design the data architecture
  • Design the approach to security
  • Design the network architecture
  • Design the platform architecture
  • Design the storage, backup and security configuration
  • Design integration and interoperability
  • Determine capacity planning and performance requirement
  • Migration Readiness Assessment
  • Build a phase/mitigation plan
  • Consider environment isolation, DevOps, load balancing, content delivery, workload separation
  • ArcGIS Server roles and extensions including Image, GeoAnalytics, GeoEvent, Business Analyst, and Notebook server.
  • Azure/AWS Monthly Consumption Estimate
  • Estimated Azure/AWS usage and monthly consumption estimate
  • Assessment for Proof of Concept (POC) pilot whereby current on-premise architecture is deployed to cloud to compare/contrast
  • Scope of Work for Professional Services


  • Software application and RDBMS design
  • Software development and programming

ArcGIS Managed Cloud Services Architecture Design Assessment: 2-Week Agenda

Week One Agenda

  • Meet to determine primary design requirements
  • Agreement on requirements
  • Start on preliminary design
  • Review/feedback on preliminary design requirements
  • Agreement on preliminary design requirements

Week Two Agenda

  • Start final design
  • Review/feedback on final design
  • Meeting to present final design
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GCS works with you to create a cloud roadmap designed to align to your corporate vision and business objectives.

ArcGIS Cloud Certified Professionals

GCS’s team is comprised of certified ArcGIS and cloud professionals who are solution architects, system integrators, native cloud developers, data scientists, and professional project managers.

GCS ArcGIS Cloud Services
As an Esri partner in the ArcGIS Cloud Services Specialty, GCS is recognized for expertise in deploying and managing ArcGIS in cloud environments.
Esri Release Ready
As an Esri partner in the Release Ready Specialty, GCS is recognized for keeping pace with Esri technology, expertise, and the community by helping users make smart decisions using Web GIS.

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