GeoBusiness Industries

Mapping and analytics software inspires positive change across industries.

GeoBusiness connects business systems with Esri’s pioneering ArcGIS technology, the world’s most powerful mapping and analytics software.

Financial Services

Everything in financial services is hyperlocal. Knowing where in banking is the key to understanding what and why.


Smart mapping and spatial analytics drive incremental sales growth.

Manufacturing & Wholesale Distribution

Maps and spatial analysis empower innovative manufacturers. Increase sales, decrease risk, and gain market share. Strengthen facility operations with the power of location intelligence .

Transportation and Logistics

Share information to prevent disruption and deliver on service expectations. GIS delivers insight on the transportation infrastructure life cycle. Plan, monitor, and manage complex systems more effectively.

Restaurants and Hospitality, Food and Beverage, Health and Beauty, Apparel, Footwear and Accessories

Market and Customer Analysis. Find your best customers. Strengthen customer segmentation and engagement.

Healthcare and Life Sciences

Location is key—from resource allocation to stakeholder collaboration. Understand its role and make data-driven decisions.


Every policy and every peril is influenced by location. Discover how location intelligence empowers insurance professionals to understand and manage risks across the organization – before, during, and after an event.

Architecture, Engineering, and Construction

Workflows, designs, and solutions that increase the bottom line.

Natural Resources

Use smart maps and spatial analysis to better manage the earth’s natural resources. Increase production, optimize workflows, and mitigate risk.

Petroleum and Pipeline

Location is key—from site selection to sales. Understand its influence and boost productivity.

Sustainable Energy Development

Better understand the earth’s complex systems with location intelligence

Real Estate

Maps and analytics deliver greater insight and take marketing to the next level.

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