ArcGIS Cloud Migration

ArcGIS cloud migration services for Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and ArcGIS Online

GCS provides ArcGIS cloud migration services, from assessing migration readiness, to defining strategy, to implementing Proof of Concept (POC) cloud deployments. Our team will evaluate your existing on-premise architecture to a comparable system in a cloud. We aim to help define and meet your specific cloud implementation objectives.

Migrating your existing GIS applications and IT assets to the cloud presents an opportunity to transform the way your organization does business. It can help you lower costs, become more agile, develop new skills more quickly, and deliver reliable, globally available services to your customers. Whether your intention is to migrate from on-premise, between cloud providers, or build a hybrid system, our goal is to help you to implement your cloud strategy successfully.

The AWS migration process.

Building a Business Case for Migration

GCS facilitates building a clear and compelling migration business case for your organization’s leadership. This allows senior leadership the ability to better understand the value of moving your ArcGIS capabilities to the cloud brings to the organization, including cost savings, operational resilience, productivity, and speed of delivery.

GCS provides economic analysis using AWS Total Cost of Ownership (COT) calculator, Microsoft Azure pricing calculator, and Esri licensing cost information. GCS focuses on “Right Sizing” or matching the instance types and sizes to your workload performance and capacity requirements at the lowest possible cost.

Migration Readiness and Planning

GCS develops Migration Readiness Assessments to determine level of commitment, competence, and capability needed to successfully move to the cloud. Using industry standard frameworks, such as the AWS Cloud Adoption Framework (AWS CAF), GCS determines your cloud migration readiness. Cloud migration frameworks provide ways of looking at your environment through different lenses to make sure all areas of your business are addressed, not just GIS. Being ready for a large migration initiative requires preparation across several key areas.

Migration Strategy

Part of assessing readiness is determining the best migration strategy. The simplest strategy involves a “lift and shift” of your existing applications and data without changes to platform, which is the least amount of effort, time, and cost. But, you may consider a re-factor or re-architect approach, whereby geospatial business applications are architected and developed using cloud native features. This is driven by a strong business need to add features, scale, or performance that would otherwise be difficult to achieve in the application’s existing environment. GCS evaluates each standard migration strategy based on your business and IT objectives so that pros/cons may be weighted.

6 Strategies for Migrating Applications to the Cloud
The 6 most common cloud application migration strategies. 

Migration Implementation

Once a structure for developing an efficient and effective plan for organizations to successfully move to the cloud has been determined, GCS implements the migration. In some cases, a small Proof of Concept may be deployed to assess your on-premise systems against a re-hosted cloud system. Working in iterative steps, GCS migrates GIS infrastructure and data, re-hosts or re-platforms applications. Contact us for more details regarding our migration implementation process.

ArcGIS Cloud Certified Professionals

GCS’s team is comprised of certified ArcGIS and cloud professionals who are solution architects, system integrators, native cloud developers, data scientists, and professional project managers.

GCS ArcGIS Cloud Services
As an Esri partner in the ArcGIS Cloud Services Specialty, GCS is recognized for expertise in deploying and managing ArcGIS in cloud environments.
As an Esri partner in the System Ready Specialty, GCS is recognized for keeping pace with Esri technology, expertise, and the community by helping users make smart decisions using Web GIS.

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To learn more, contact us to speak to a certified ArcGIS Cloud Expert.

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