GeoBusiness Business Needs

Mapping and analysis: location intelligence for everyone

GeoBusiness connects business systems with Esri’s pioneering ArcGIS technology, the world’s most powerful mapping and analytics software.

Supply Chain Digitization

Plan for and mitigate disruptions.

Strengthen your supply network by visualizing it in real time.

Real-Time Location Tracking

Know where assets are at all times. Get a real-time view of people, vehicles, and sensor feeds.

Field Service Management

Coordinate operations from anywhere. Work seamlessly between office and field.

Asset Tracking and Analysis

Manage key assets, prevent failure. Understand asset location, condition, performance, and life cycle.

Facility Management

Lead the way to higher performance. Strengthen facility operations with the power of location intelligence.

Logistics and Fulfillment

Meet complex market demands. Share information to prevent disruption and deliver on service expectations.

Market and Customer Analysis

Find your best customers.

Strengthen customer segmentation and engagement.

Site Analysis and Territory Planning

Choose the best locations. Use a data-driven growth strategy.

Risk Management

Stay ahead of uncertainty.

Plan effectively and act quickly with location intelligence.

Operational Efficiency

Continually improve your operations.

Streamline processes and satisfy customers using location intelligence.

Performance Monitoring

Work at peak levels.

Manage operations with real-time analytics.

Situational Awareness

Monitor event impacts in real time.

Make informed decisions when they matter most.

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