Given modern global security challenges, protecting critical infrastructure, securing strategic borders, and monitoring sensitive facilities demand next-generation solutions.

GCS partners with TerraEchos, Inc. to combine state-of-the-art US Navy fiber optic sensor system with advanced geospatial situational awareness capabilities to provide Adelos.


Based upon the Greek word for “hidden,” Adelos combines US Government patented technology and a nationally recognized geospatial intelligence service-oriented architecture (SOA) to deliver covert surveillance and intelligence capabilities. Interoperable, scalable, and standards-based, Adelos provides the most sophisticated commercial solution for advanced fiber optic sensor fusion and integrated situational awareness.


TerraEchos has formed a powerful grouping of technology partners including GCS, S&K Electronics, and IBM to provide a total security solution for commercial and government customers. Adelos leverages a scalable enterprise approach to ensure a flexible deployment and meet the rigorous cost and capability requirements of our customers.


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GCS is a Geospatial Information Technology Services Company

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